"If you wait, people will forget your camera and the soul will drift up into view" (Steve McCurry).

AZAwedding photographers have been trained at the same university (UPC), sharing lessons, concepts, dreams and images. Our paths run in parallel in studies and in our professional lives, devoting all of us in photojournalism. It was in 2006 when photographers AZAwedding believe it is time to bring the experience in the media to the wedding. We will move to transfer and apply the language used in press photography, that it serves to illustrate the news story, the interview ... at the ceremony which celebrates the beginning of the marriage.
The approval of marriages between persons of the same sex has opened another range of creativity and motivation to always try to innovate.
We propose a work in which everyone brings his personal point of view, that defines us as authors and allows us to create a unique work for each occasion.

Bodas Barcelona